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CORE is strategic consulting reimagined.  We are a bit contrarian, a bit irreverent, but always focused on pushing past blind spots that hinder growth and results. If it’s true that you cannot grow living in your comfort zone, then your unique DNA is the catalyst to flourish in an increasingly complex world. Disruption, Innovation, Growth – all are just words if you cannot back them up.  Strategy is the starting place.  How you influence others into action is the goal.  That is our sole focus: helping our clients think deeper and grow bigger.If you are operating in sameness, you must be willing to pull your ideas apart and strategically dive back into what makes you unique and what you are willing to stand for.

Fortune Favors the Bold.

Bold is not a gimmick.  Bold is not copying what others are doing.  Bold is not brash, in-your-face for the sake of looking cool.  Bold is not based on who has the most ‘likes’ on social media, nor is it he who shouts loudest or uses ALL CAPS to prove a point.  Bold is the ability to take risks, confidently and courageously based on your uniqueness and willingness to stand up for your beliefs, your culture and your customer.  If you espouse beliefs, you must put them into action.  Customers take note of those they see as pandering or opportunistic.And in the ever-competitive brand landscape, being bold is reshaping brands that thrive.  CORE Innovation Group helps you do more than ‘say it’ – we help you ‘be’ bold.



*Client sampling includes prior clients of CORE principles

Ask the Right Questions

Be you a brand, a start up, or a media company: you have to be willing to ask critical questions to get to the heart of your potential.  Here are just a few to get you started:

  1. Do you allocate time, talent and funds to new concept development outside of your normal scope of work? What percentage of that development are you willing to be purely R&D without financial outcome?
  2. Do you pay for your team to grow and train in new strengths outside their current scope? How do you fill holes (& expand the palate of skills) within the team?
  3. Which department/s are in control of Content Creation? Content Distribution? Communication with your Core Audience?
  4. How do you track and valuate content success? Are the metrics purely clicks and likes and shares? Is there more you could be doing to give true value to what you produce?
  5. Where do you look for innovative &/or disruptive thought?

core360 – Reverse Engineering 101

Here’s a primer: Traditional content development puts the idea front-and-center as the most important element.  (aka: “Have a great idea and the rest will follow.”)  We firmly disagree with this approach.  True visionary brands need to put return as the primary driver.  What are you looking to accomplish, who can give you that return, where are those people – know these elements and only then develop the strategy and content that can deliver.  Time/Talent/Treasury – all are finite.  So why engage in content with only a hope that it pays off?  That’s the core360 mindset.

Patrick Jager

Patrick Jager


CORE Innovation Group is led by Patrick Jager – a veteran television and media executive, complimented by an extensive background in marketing, public relations, event planning, business development, politics and not-for-profit leadership. As a thought leader in content and media, Patrick’s understanding of markets and industries, and passion for the craft of storytelling gives CORE a unique vantage point for clients.

Key strengths: ideation / communication / strategy / activation / futuristic / influence

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