Redefining the relationship between content and outcome.

Don’t create content, create opportunity.

Every brand is unique – truly, utterly unique.  So why do so many spend time trying to be like others, sound like others, or copy what makes others successful?  We don’t believe in this type of content strategy.

Our belief:  At their core, each client has unique DNA that has to be looked at as opportunity for engagement.

Our job:  To rethink our client’s core brand/s, and engage/externalize it in ways that reach audiences, increase growth potential, and produce results.  For some that’s traditional media opportunities, or podcasts, or social strategy.  For others, it’s full brand focus and top line consulting.  And for some, it means ripping apart the playbook and looking for ways to refocus the narrative all together.

People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.

Arianna Huffington

Living and breathing an authentic story is the best way to survive in a conversation-rich world.

Seth Godin

The best way to communicate with people you are trying to lead is often through a story.

Stephen Denning

I don't think of it as advertising, I think of it as storytelling.

Annie Leibovitz

To be true to your DNA you have to engineer your own, authentic narrative

Patrick Jager, CORE-ig CEO

Stories teach, model, unite and motivate by transporting audiences emotionally.

Peter Guber

Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.

Jean Luc Godard

In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.

Walter Cronkite

Strategic CMO/CCO Leadership Consulting

We help brands jumpstart new visions and get them to the next level of creative development and execution by augmenting their marketing/ content leadership team, nurturing fresh perspective and focus across all verticals.
Media Strategy

We develop media strategy across a broad spectrum of disciplines – from linear and OTT to social and digital-based distribution.  Our strength is decades of content development, production and leadership.  Our goal: to help our partners get the right media to the right end users in ways that exceed opportunity.
Reverse Engineered Content

We believe in rethinking where you start in content creation, your goals and what truly makes you stand out. Start with the need and the ROI, then infuse that which makes you unique to make content that leads and provides maximum return.
Disruptive Ideation

We are your coach in the press box with a macro view of all that is happening on the field – willing to rip up the playbook and rethink not only what is considered valuable, but why.  We reconcile the future by bringing perspective that sees past blind spots.


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‘Fireside Chat’ on rethinking content strategy for 2021 (presented by Greenbuzz Agency)

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